Launderette is a compact collective with a focus on creative strategies, visual concepts and tangible results. Our label embodies powerful communication, Dutch design following in Raymond Loewy’s footsteps: ‘Most advanced, yet acceptable.’

Whether it’s a cross-media campaign, website, interior décor or identity, we’ll do it justice. For high-powered strategy or a new work in progress, visualising concepts is our strength. We bring together strategists, designers, writers and web designers to find the best team for each client, or even each project. No experimental explorations at your expense.

The Launderette approach is not based on a patented brand model or a thick handbook filled with marketing buzzwords. Our work is rooted in a passion for the profession, a wealth of experience, a healthy dose of non-conformism and creative energy. We create change that allows our clients to excel.

Eric Rugers ( Designer ) and Ruud Kempers ( Managing Director )